A fantasy, steampunk-inspired webseries.

Patrick Gilmore & Sharon Taylor talk RIESE

The upcoming Canadian launch of Riese: Kingdom Falling means plenty of exciting cast interviews and special behind the scenes segments.

Patrick Gilmore (Trennan) and Sharon Taylor (Empress Amara) talk about their characters, steampunk, and what it was like to shoot the fight sequence on Urban Rush – a Vancouver based talk show.  The video has been uploaded on Youtube, so you should be able to view it no matter where you live.


This week, and possibly next week as well, the Space channel is airing interviews with Riese cast and crew on InnerSPACE.  Those special segments are not online, but other interviews not aired are available to view on their website at http://www.spacecast.com.  These videos are likely available to watch in Canada only, but check to see.

Co-Creator Kaleena Kiff talks about how Riese began.

Sharon Taylor (Empress Amara) talks about what it’s like working on a web series.


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