A fantasy, steampunk-inspired webseries.

Be a part of the launch!

Rieselings!  Beginning March 7th, we’ll be gathered around our computer screens watching Riese’s journey across Eleysia as Riese: Kingdom Falling makes its Canadian debut on http://www.spacecast.com.

How are you going to view the show?  If you’ve got plans to attend a viewing party with friends and fellow fans, let us know!  If you’re having a fan gathering, we can spread the word.  Document the event – photos and blog posts, we’ll share it here.

Love Riese?  Costumes, fanart, posters, viewing parties, wearing Riese merch (http://www.zazzle.ca/riesetheseries) – we want your photos and stories!

Spread the word to everyone around you – tune in to Riese: Kingdom Falling starting March 7th on http://www.spacecast.com – and share your excitement with us and fellow fans.  Check back here for updates on what other fans are doing across Canada.

American fans – as the show is still available to see on http://www.syfy.com, never to late to have a fan party.  Or maybe you already had one – we want your stories too!


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